Financial Services

We have long-standing relationships with some of the most respected names in financial services.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we are very successful at identifying and sourcing some of the best talent available in the market today.  Because of our reputation, we have contracts to recruit for respected companies like Morgan Stanley , Merrill Lynch, Sanford Bernstein, CitiGroup, Bessemer Trust and others.

If you are an experienced Financial Advisor and you are looking for an "agent" to help you negotiate the best package possible, please consider us.   We understand you can go to the client company yourself, but having us an advocate to help you negotiate the terms of your compensation can only result in better terms for yourself.   Consider these two very recent candidates:

     1.  A candidate from JP Morgan was recently hired by one of our clients.  His initial offer was an up-front package of 500K, plus some generous back-end compensation as well.   Several weeks later, and through much negotiation, he ended up receiving a package worth 650K up front instead.

     2.  Another recent candidate we represented was offered a hefty 4.5 Million dollar total bonus package.  He was not satisfied.  With our intervention, he ended up receiving an additional 1.5M in total bonuses resulting in a total package of 6 Million dollars.   Without our help, the negotiations would most likely have ended and he would not have ended up with our client.


If you are an experienced Adviser who is looking for several options, we are your solution.  We have Recruiting Agreements with the best of the best across several platforms.   Whether you desire to join a wirehouse, a bank, an exclusive high-end or you simply want to become independent, we have aligned ourselves with the best firms out there for you to continue your career.  

Bottom line, we have spent over eleven years building and solidifying relationships across the United States with very strong financial institutions.   We are ready and available to help you leverage those relationships to your benefit.