Career Placement Services

Who We Serve

We offer our services to most professionals interested in our placement services, so please feel welcome to utilize us.   However, we do cater to Academy Graduates best because of our shared experience.

Why the Transition Assistance Program falls short?

Although the Transition Assistance Program in the military is helpful, we’re sure you realize by now that it is a program run by government employees often providing advice on how to find a job in private enterprise.   This is where we come in.  We fill the GAP with those things left short in TAP.

Contrary to what we were told at our prospective Academies, being a “Grad” does most certainly NOT make it “easy” to get a job in the civilian world.   It certainly helps get your foot in the door, but just like being accepted into the Academy did not automatically guarantee graduation, nor does being a Grad guarantee a job.  You have to work for it.

So, How Can We help?

1.Experience.  Between the three Graduates who own this company, we have over fifty years of combined professional civilian experience behind you.  That means networks, that means success in recruiting, that means knowing the difference between a good offer and a bad one, and leveraging our experience to help negotiate the good offer for you.


2.Our time-tested, results-proven trademarked resume format.   After twelve years of reading over a hundred thousand resumes, we have developed a resume format, which is really more of a resume “process” that is simple on paper, but complex in nature.   We have provided it to candidates who were offered positions in the White House, to a 3- Star General who received an offer to work for an international finance firm, to a retired highly-placed FBI Executive who was offered a position as the number two person for Security for the NFL, and to many others.   The bottom line is it gets results. 


3.Gate-keeper circumvention.   What used to be an executive assistant taking phone calls or receiving faxed resumes before maybe introducing you to the hiring manager for a potential interview has now been replaced by online resume submissions.    Our clients don’t “do” online resume submissions.    Because of our years of experience in recruiting, we know how to find the department, the unit, in fact, the person who is hiring for the position most people apply for on-line.   Therefore, you benefit from a direct introduction to the hiring manager rather than take the chance of sending your resume off into oblivion through online submissions.


4.Complete and thorough Interview Preparation.    In addition to hours of consult with you ahead of your interview, we will also provide you with a 30-page proprietary Interview Guide to help you to think about the nuances necessary to make it all the way through the interview process.   In addition to that, we will provide you a full background of intel ahead of your interviews so that you know everything about the company, the position you are interviewing for, and also everything we can find about the person you are interviewing with.  That way you go into each interview fully informed and fully briefed!


5.Offer Negotiation.   If we are successful in our preparation, the last service we offer is in helping to negotiate your offer.   If you take nothing more from the information on this website, remember this.  Never try and negotiate your own offer.   In most cases, you will simply leave money on the table.   We have been negotiating offers for our clients for over eight years now, and over 600 placements later, we’ve become pretty good at it. 


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